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Red Head Baby


The infant program helps foster the development of trust and organic growth. Infants acquire a strong and positive sense of self by holding, feeding, and communicating.



16 months - 3 years
Our transition program is designed to introduce the child to the core values of Montessori as well as assist the child to grow as a whole. Our classroom is designed to activate their senses and guide the child towards self respect, motivation and self-control. Our low shelves and prepared environment gives the child independence and encouragement to choose their own work. Our prepared environment aids the child to choose work that works on their practical life skills, sharpening of senses, and introduction to math and language. 

The toddler years can be a very sensitive period in a child's life. To ease the child into our classroom, we have started a one or two week phase-in period. This period includes a 15 minute family time followed by an hour a day drop off increasing by an hour for the first week. This helps the child with separation anxiety.

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3 years - 5 years

After careful assessment of the child, we build a curriculum designed to cater each child's personal needs. Our classroom is organized into several sections.
Our practical life section helps the child's concentration, focus, fine motor skills and 3 -finger grasp. Our sensorial section helps the child discriminate among textures, colors and dimensions. Our Math section gives the child concrete understanding of math facts and concepts. Our language section starts with letter sounds and formation and continues to reading and comprehension. 
Our classroom also includes science, geography, music and art.



5 years - 6 years

Our goal for the Kindergarten year in a montessori child's life is to excel in all areas the child has been working on in the classroom for the past few years. 
It is not uncommon at the end of Montessori Kindergarten that the child is reading and working on complex math. 

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